We're not just breaking the mold, we're busting through it. As a global technology services company, AllHostShop offers edge-of-your-seat, how-did-we-ever-live-without-this-before technology services that are redefining how global enterprises do business.

 Our Services:

  • Colocation
  • Network services (IP Transit and IP transport)
  • Managed service
  • Data center service
  • Content delivery service
  • Cloud computing

 Global Network Connectivity

Scalability. Reliability. Unrivaled Performance.

With IP Transit and Data Transport solutions from 1 Mbps to 100Gbps, and interconnection agreements with over 40 carriers, AllHostShop has you covered worldwide. We have points-of-presence in major carrier-neutral data centers in North America and Europe, as well as Hong Kong and Singapore. We provide customized solutions with lightning fast turn-up times. We connect you to your world.

Our premium services like cloud computing and high-definition video conferencing give you the freedom and flexibility to be on-your-toes and nimble, ready to adapt to new opportunities and challenges like never before. Imagine building your own customized storage and virtual server package that you can access on demand? With AllHostShop cloud computing services you can.
Or, imagine brokering a new deal with a manufacturer in Brazil, making eye contact across the conference table, seeing their body language, even seeing how they take their coffee, without being in the same room, let alone in the same hemisphere. With AllHostShop high-definition video conferencing you can.

In addition to our leading edge technology solutions, we also believe in the fundamentals. Our extensive service portfolio seamlessly blends cutting edge with reliable and high-performance workhorse connectivity solutions. You'll be completely covered and ready to forge ahead with our high-performance connectivity essentials, like IP transit and transport.

 What's our secret sauce?

Unlike other providers, we've actually invested the time, money and resources into building our own global network infrastructure. We have a presence at 50-plus data centers and we have access to over 70,000 network nodes. We have also carefully and thoughtfully built strategic partnerships that expand our network reach across the globe. But unlike other providers, you can be confident knowing that the technology solutions we deliver are still delivered, backed and supported by us.